Our Philosophy

Timeless Destinations – Current trends of society can be understood after careful analysis of what trends will be long lasting or will diminish.

Cultivation of Location – Only through having a deep understanding of place, can we begin to foster the relevant cultural, architectural, artistic, environment, and traditional elements that make your destination unique.

Collaborative Creation – We celebrate the added value that can only be delivered in a collaborative, creative effort. It’s not about one person, one office, one profession, but the synergistic orchestration of a myriad of creators, from diverse industries in the pursuit of a common vision.

What we do

Destination Creation

Creating a destination that will stand the test of time is our utmost goal.  To accomplish this goal, the entire development must function and feel holistic, a place that could exist no-where else in the world.   All elements of the planned community or resort must blend seamlessly into one-another and their surroundings.

Culture and Art Defines the Community

Cultural sensitivity is the foundation for all key design directives.  People are drawn to authentic cultural experiences that are artistically presented.  We believe a community should remain a vibrant living form of art that inspires its residents on a daily basis. 

Understanding the Target Market

Having a great understanding of our buyers, their needs, wants and spending potential is how we can create a successful development.

Designing to a Digital Lifestyle

Engaging activities in distinctively designed places for the user will promote their need to capture the moment and share with their peers online.  These moments will entice others to a place with every online share.

Story Telling

It is critical to develop a storyline that directs all design decisions and integrates with all aspects of design.  The story is what attracts todays’ users and gives them a personalized experience that will create long lasting memories.

Directing the Scene

Like a well-directed movie, every site has intrinsic qualities that must be fostered to create a dominating theme.   Everything a person can see with their eyes must be carefully planned and coordinated to create an experience.  The landscape, hardscape, material choices, colour use, textures, and built forms must all be choreographed to tell the story of the place.

 Creative Project Positioning

Developing innovative and trend setting concepts that will set our destinations apart is our highest focus.  Our communities will stand-alone in the market and attract the most discerning buyers.

Maximizing the Land Value

Understanding the land’s qualities and determining how to frame the overall development will ensure high return on investment. By properly organizing land use, creating distinctive amenities in lower land value areas and maximizing high-value frontage, we can ensure return on investment and higher sales prices than local competitors.

An escape from the real world

We craft environments where people relax and rejuvenate.  Our destinations recharge their energy and promote a get away from their daily routines.

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Lee-J Studio

Lee J Studio is a hands-on planning and landscape design studio that focuses on creating unique environments to make ‘real-time and timeless impressions’. Our creative and innovative design statements create experiential memories that make our destinations a ‘must return’ location for all.